5 Unedited Stock Photos

We’re all familiar with stock photos. They make our lives as designers much easier.

But did you know that most stock photos you use have been through an extensive editing process? Often the photographer adjusts the colors. Sometimes they even remove something completely from the original photo.

So I thought it would be fun to imagine what some stock photos looked like originally. These are what I imagine they looked like before editing.

We’ll show you the final product, then the original. Enjoy!

Tips for Designing Church Bulletins

Tips for Designing Church Bulletins If you’re involved in designing church bulletins, this post is especially for you. You’ve probably experienced this: “I didn’t know we were holding this event,” the congregant says. That’s when you reply, “It was in the church bulletin for three weeks.” “Oh, I never read the church bulletin.” Unfortunately, this…

Reaction GIFs for Your Church Service

It’s a sad thing, but those in the tech booth don’t get much say in the service. Sure, the sound guy can use the talkback mic. Heck, even the lighting designer can flash the lights when they’re upset.┬áBut what about the slide operator? They get nothing.

That’s why I’m proposing a new addition to your ProPresenter library: Reaction GIFs. When something happens during practice or even in the service (should you be so brave), you can flash these puppies on the screen and get your voice heard.

(Relax, folks. This is sarcastic.)

So to help you get your library started, here’s a few I wish I could use when running ProPresenter in my church.

5 Reasons Nobody Takes Your Church Marketing Seriously

5 Reasons Nobody Takes Your Church Marketing Seriously

Do people take your church’s marketing seriously? When someone sees a postcard from your church, do they laugh or do they consider it?

I must admit I’ve been tempted to mock many church’s marketing I come across. And I realized there are a few things that instantly turn me off from a church’s message. There are a few things that trigger a part of my brain, making me think these churches don’t want to be taken seriously.

So for a bit of fun, and perhaps an opportunity to learn, I thought it would be fun to share these five reasons people might not take your church marketing seriously. If you’re offended, there’s a good chance you’ve been guilty of these things. If you aren’t offended, please don’t be so quick to send this link to the church down the street. Perhaps be more subtle than that.


Great Church Website Design Examples

Great Church Website Design Examples

It used to be that churches were known for having the world’s worst websites. In fact, if you Google “worst church website“, Evangel Cathedral’s site comes up as the number one result. They seem to be the pinnacle of bad church websites, and they seem okay with that fact. But that’s not what we want to talk about in this article. We want to talk about great church website design, and we want to provide some examples of great design that hopefully we can all learn from.

5 Totally Awesome Design Techniques from the Early Internet

I pity the generation nowadays that never got to experience the early Internet. It was a new frontier fraught with cheesy animated gifs, buggy Java applets, and ASCII art that could blow your mind.

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of my favorite things from the early Internet. Hopefully this will enlighten the younger millennials and tickle others’ nostalgia centers.