The 10 Best Bible Sermon Series

The 10 Best Bible Sermon Series

Do you want to challenge and encourage your congregation to read the Bible more? Do you want them to understand the Bible better so they can study it on their own? Preaching a Bible sermon series will do just that.

To help you out, we’ve collected the 10 best Bible sermon series we have found.

1. The Bible Doesn’t Say That (Free Download)

Bible Doesn't Say That

Unfortunately, there are erroneous beliefs about God and Christianity that have snuck their way into modern church culture. These popular phrases or ways of thinking are in direct conflict with what scripture actually teaches. This 5-week series looks at different phrases the Bible doesn’t actually say, comparing them to what the Bible actually does say.

2. Stories They Don’t Tell You in Sunday School

Stories They Don't Tell You in Sunday School

This four-week series looks at little known or unusual Bible stories and how they offer examples of God’s work through untidy individuals or circumstances. The world is a dark place. The Bible shows us that God enters into the darkest situations to bring redemption. And then, he offers us the opportunity to be his agents of change in the world.

3. The Bible

The Bible

Everybody has an opinion on the Bible, but how many of us have actually read it? Maybe it’s time for a fresh look. Come join us as we revisit an ancient book, and experience the God who speaks through it.

4. Fake News: That’s Not In the Bible

Fake News: That's Not in the Bible

There are many beliefs of things said in the Bible that are not actually there. We will cut through this “fake news” of the Bible and speak the truth.

5. Long Story Short

Long Story Short

This sermon series idea is a Biblical survey, focusing on the major events of the Bible to provide an overview of the book and its historical context.

6. The Whole Story

the whole story

This sermon series idea is a year-long look at all of the stories of the Bible.

7. It’s Tricky: Answering the Bible’s Tough Questions

It's tricky_Answering the Bible's tough questions

This sermon series idea is about the tough questions the Bible raises for people.

8. By the Book

By the Book

This is a sermon series on why the Bible is such a big deal for Christians. It will work through the authority of the Bible.

9. 4 Small Words


4 small words
In a world addicted to headlines and sound bites, where technology has taught us how to say more with less, “Four Small Words” helps readers understand the deep meaning of their own story, written within the Story of God. And all in just Four Small Words.

10. The Greatest Story Ever Told

Greatest Story Ever Told Church Series Idea

A sermon series idea going through the major stories of the Bible providing context and an overview of the whole book.

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