10 Things Graphic Designers Love to Do


Us graphic designers are a weird bunch. You can deny it, but you’d be lying to yourself. So I thought it would be fun to put together a silly list of things graphic designers love to do. And no, maybe you’ve never done some of these things. But you know you’ve considered it.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this. You might even be able to write it off on your taxes as therapy. (Goodness knows we all need some.)

1. Naming their pets after file types.

This is my dog Jpeg, and my cat Tiff. Sadly, my hamster Bitmap is no longer with us.

2. Making fun of type face selections.

Oh my gosh, this whole menu is in Papyrus. I hope this restaurant’s food isn’t as vomit-inducing as their design work…

3. Learning new shortcuts in Photoshop. (Even if they provide no benefit to their design work.)

Whoa! You can rotate the canvas!

4. Trying to guess a font on a sign.

Oh my gosh! That logo’s typeface is Slutty Vagabond! I have that font on my computer!

5. Designing something for free, but complaining about it later.

Can you believe they asked me to help them design a logo in exchange for “exposure”? Pssssh. I mean, I did it. But that’s inexcusable.

6. Buying anything that has an ampersand on it.

I’ve begun buying Kibbles ‘n Bits ever since they changed the ‘n to &. And yes, I know I don’t have a dog. Get off my back!

7. Eating gross food just because they like the packaging.

Wow, this Kimchi in a Thimble looks amazing!

8. Getting more excited about a movie’s opening credits than the actual movie.

This movie is definitely influenced by Saul Bass.

9. Listening to music nobody’s ever heard of.

Have you heard the new single from Jónsi’s brother-in-law? It’ll change your life.

10. Taking pictures of colors for future use.

I wonder what this bench’s hex value is…


Series type

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