14 Signs You’re a Church Graphic Designer

14 Signs Youre A Church Graphic Designer

Sure, you may do graphic design for your church. But are you really a church graphic designer? Score yourself on this Church Graphic Designer scorecard. Give yourself one point for each statement that describes you. Then compare yourself to our guide.

  1. Every “T” you make looks like a cross.
  2. You’ve ever spent three hours designing for a women’s ministry event, and only an hour designing for a sermon series.
  3. “Mustard seed” is in your Google Images search history.
  4. You’ve exhausted iStockPhoto’s “man raising hands in field” library.
  5. You can’t access your graphic design inspiration sites because of the church’s web filter.
  6. Your system defaults to the fonts Didot, Helvetica Neue, or Birth of a Hero.
  7. The business administrators laughs whenever you submit a purchase order for a paid font.
  8. You think Fields of Wheat are for missions conferences, not farmers’ conferences.
  9. You have an entire folder dedicated to grunge overlays.
  10. You’ve received hate mail for using 7-point font size on worship guide copy.
  11. Church staff ping you on the best point-and-shoot camera to purchase at Best Buy.
  12. You can fit four pages of content onto a 5.5 x 8.5 page.
  13. You’ve designed one of these sermon series titles: “All In”, “I Love My Church”, or “Survivor”.
  14. The youth pastor asked if you could spend a day with him and teach him everything you know about design.

What your score means:
1-4: You’ve dabbled in church graphic design.
5-8: You’re probably a worship leader who occasionally designs graphics.
9-12: You’re definitely a church graphic designer.
13-14: You might need counseling, friend.

How’d you do? What did you score? Share your results in a comment below.


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