3 Phrases That Make it ‘Okay’ for a Church to Steal (But not really.)


Today’s post is one part humor, one part reality. You might find yourself saying ‘ouch’ more than laughing. If that’s the case, I apologize in advance. Also, it’s important that you know I’ve said most of things myself at one time or another. So without further ado, three phrases that make it ‘okay’ for a church to steal.

1. This is probably covered by fair use.

I once heard this from a pastor who copied my entire site to his own. “This is covered by fair use.” Unfortunately, that was completely false.

And while yes, some of the things we do as churches are covered by fair use, you should be completely sure that it is. Otherwise, you just might be stealing someone else’s work. Not cool.

2. But it’s for a good cause: the Church.

I’ve heard this said about both stealing someone’s design and asking a designer to work for free. And frankly, this is completely unbiblical. If “the worker is due his wages”, we shouldn’t be looking for free stuff from anyone. Yes, people can volunteer their time or resources, but it’s not okay for you to volunteer it for them.

3. Our church is small; they won’t find out.

This is the same sort of justification people have as they walk out of a Walmart trying to steal a television. It doesn’t make it okay.


Wow. That post was uncomfortable. But it was necessary.

What have you heard people say to justify unsavory practices in churches? Let’s not use this as a chance to bash the Church. Instead, let’s talk about real things and hope that we can all learn a little bit together.


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