5 Awesomely Bad Series Ideas

5 Awesomely Bad Series Ideas

We take a lot of time showcasing great sermon series ideas on this site. But we thought it would be fun to take one post and share some awesomely bad series packages. These are almost good. Almost. But at the same time they’re a bit cringe-worthy.

Don’t worry. No churches that we know of have used these ideas. And hopefully none will. Enjoy!


This sermon series would have a bunch of great material. And it might even get a bunch of people into your church doors. But it might not be the best method available to you.


Although, yes, the Bible talks about eating flesh and drinking blood. It might be poor taste to teach a sermon series on communion by invoking vampire and zombie themes.


Ok, so maybe this one isn’t so bad…


A lot of churches are doing the “I Love My Church” series. So why wouldn’t you take it a step further and call out the “competition”? Maybe not the best idea…


Do we really need to tell you why this is such a bad idea?

So that’s our list! I hope you enjoyed our bit of satire. What are some awesomely bad series ideas you hope you never see (while secretly hoping you do)? Leave a comment below.


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