7 More Ways to Ruin Your Design


7 More Ways to Ruin Your Design

A couple weeks ago we posted seven ways for you to ruin your design. That wasn’t an exhaustive list by any means. Us Christians are masterful at ruining good design.

So we put together seven more ways to ruin your graphic design. This list isn’t meant to offend or criticize, rather to educate and entertain. Enjoy the list and chime in with your own ways we ruin designs with a comment below.

1. Typos

Even the best design looks chumpish if you misspell words. Put a ton of eyes on your graphic designs. The message if primary.

Ruining Good Design 1

2. Using low-res images

Just because you can resize an image in Photoshop, it doesn’t mean you should. Buy a larger version of the photo or take a higher-res version.

Ruining Good Design 2

3. Bad Text Spacing

Beware of kerning, line-spacing, and character spacing. “God is now here” doesn’t carry the same meaning when your kerning jacks it up to read “God is nowhere”.

Ruining Good Design 3

4. Turning every “t” into a cross

Resist the temptation. It might seem divinely inspired that your church name has a “t” in it. Just remember though, so does the word “butt”.

Ruining Good Design 4

5. Weird text placement

Covering the word “where” in the wrong place can make it look an awful lot like “whore”. And you don’t want the guy in your pic to look like he’s sucking on a “t” lollipop.

Ruining Good Design 5

6. Not buying the image


Ruining Good Design 6

7. Exclamation points

Contrary to popular belief, exclamation points don’t make things more exciting. “Weak point, yell loud” isn’t the best way to communicate.

Ruining Good Design 7

Those are some of the most common and egregious mistakes I’ve seen in church graphic design.

How have you seen people ruin their graphics? Chime in with a comment below.


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