7 Words to Change Your Life

7 Words to Change Your Life

From Eagle Brook Church in Centerville, Minnesota.

Description: Words have power. Even the simplest words can change the trajectory of your life. Words like Help can set an addict toward recovery. Yes can open doors to new dreams. Sorry and Thanks can heal families. When you use these small words, God can do big things in your life.

I love that this sermon series graphic shows the outline of the messages inside of the graphic and it utilizes contrast to make it pop. It takes a simple idea – a sermon series on words – and makes it engaging and compelling.

This series title is compelling as well. “Change your life” is going to resonate with people inside and outside the church. This is a perfect series idea to have a big push for inviting friends and to create invite cards that feature the sermon series graphic on one side and info on the other side.

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