Acceptable Sins

Acceptable Sins Sermon Series Idea

From Eagle Brook Church in Centerville, Minnesota.

Description: Don’t steal. (Check!)
Don’t murder. (Check!)
Don’t commit adultery. (Check!)
Some big sins are easier to avoid, but a little white lie? Gossiping about a coworker? Getting irritated and snapping at the barista when the line takes too long? What’s the big deal?

Some sins may be more acceptable in society; they may be easier to hide, and they’re not the sort of thing that would get you fired or cause others to think poorly of you, but they still damage our Spirit. In fact, these seemingly acceptable sins probably cause the most problems in our relationships on a daily basis. When we are able to recognize our sin as sin—even the acceptable ones—we can trust God to set us free and to make us more like him.


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