As You Go


From University Carillon UMC in Oviedo, FL.

This sermon series idea title brings up an important piece to the Great Commission. The series graphic is colorful and fun. How can you use this series idea as inspiration to get more of your people to engage in the Great Commission?


While the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) does begin with the word “Go” it doesn’t mean quite what we think it means. Rather than being an in-your-face command, it is much more invitational in nature. It has more of an “As you go” sort of feel. In other words, wherever we are, we’re in just the right place to share the love of Jesus with whoever we meet. By recognizing the “As you go” nature of the commission, what we discover is that missions is not just a trip we take once a year to a foreign country, it is the everyday posture of God’s people to everyone, everywhere, always.

Designer: Eli Enot

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