At the Movies

At the Movies Sermon Series Idea

From Granger Community Church in Granger, Indiana.

Description: There’s nothing like watching a good movie. You’re caught up in the story, on the edge of your seat. Feet suctioned to the sticky floor, a bucket of popcorn in your lap. If you want to laugh—there’s comedy. If you want to cry—there’s a chick flick. If you want to jump—there are Freddy and Jason. Thrills, action, drama—everything we long for, because we love stories. We long for adventure. We long for escape.

When the screen goes dark and the lights go up, the truth remains: each of us is really smack-dab in the middle of our own story. Whether you think yours would only win the Oscar for ‘Most Boring Mockumentary’ or your own plot has more twists and turns than you know what to do with—you’re called to be a hero. To find your way out of the audience and into the action. To face down the villains that plague you. To rescue the neighbor in distress. To leave a legacy that’s more than just a shadow riding off into the sunset. You can transform the world.


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