How to Design a Church Logo

Designing a great sermon series graphic can be tough. There’s a lot of pressure knowing that image will be on print media, stages, videos, etc. So obviously, designing a church logo is even more pressure. The church logo will be used everywhere. That four-inch image on your screen will translate to 10-feet very quickly when you turn it into a sign.

So how do you design a church logo effectively? How do you make it stand the test of time and reflect appropriately on your church? Here are a few elements of a good church logo to keep in mind as you start sketching out your plans.

How to Create Great Images for Social Media

Want to grab people’s attention with your church’s social media streams? Images and photos are a great way to do that.

Think about it. Scroll through your Facebook feed and see what grabs your attention. It’s images and videos. So if you want to cut through the clutter on your followers’ feeds, you should use those.

But how do you make great images that grab attention and get your point across? So glad you asked. We’ve put together this short how-to on creating great images for social media. Read up and apply these ideas to your design. We guarantee it’ll make your social media streams more impacting.

Why Grammar Matters in Church Design

Grammar matters. Perhaps more than you might think. Good grammar means the different between “let’s eat grandma” and “let’s eat, grandma”.

It also matters for your church. If you want to communication clearly, be sure your graphic designs make good use of the English language. Check out these potential errors you could be making in your graphic design.

5 Unedited Stock Photos

We’re all familiar with stock photos. They make our lives as designers much easier.

But did you know that most stock photos you use have been through an extensive editing process? Often the photographer adjusts the colors. Sometimes they even remove something completely from the original photo.

So I thought it would be fun to imagine what some stock photos looked like originally. These are what I imagine they looked like before editing.

We’ll show you the final product, then the original. Enjoy!

Tips for Designing Church Bulletins

Tips for Designing Church Bulletins If you’re involved in designing church bulletins, this post is especially for you. You’ve probably experienced this: “I didn’t know we were holding this event,” the congregant says. That’s when you reply, “It was in the church bulletin for three weeks.” “Oh, I never read the church bulletin.” Unfortunately, this…