If Clients Had Ruined the “I Love New York” Logo

Clients are notorious for ruining brilliant work with “helpful” recommendations. Recommendations like:

  • Can we make it more colorful?
  • Can it be more “designy”?
  • Let’s make it sexier.

So we thought it would be fun to see how some of these comments would have played out on one of the most famous logos in the world—the “I Love New York” logo by designer Milton Glaser. Here’s the original if you need refreshing:


And here’s how clients would have ruined it.

Where to Get Great Sermon Ideas

Where to Get Great Sermon Ideas

As a pastor, you’re expected to come up with 52 sermon ideas each year. And that’s just for Sunday morning! If your sermon is 40 minutes long, that’s like writing a one-hour TV show each week!

Even TV shows don’t do that (the average season for TV shows includes 23 episodes).

Unless you have a writing team like these TV shows do, you’re in a tough situation. How do you come up with solid sermon ideas each week without your well of creativity running dry?

3 Easter Series’ We Hope We Never See

3 Easter Series’ We Hope We Never See

Easter season is about to hit the church world in full force. That means we’ll start seeing churches’ brilliant Easter series campaigns. We’re excited to see what’s coming.

But in all that excitement, there are a few things we’re dreading. These three ideas would be absolute atrocities. With that in mind, we present these three absolutely horrible Easter sermon series ideas.

7 Nightmares of Graphic Designers

7 Nightmares of Graphic Designers

Graphic design can be frustrating. It’s especially frustrating working with folks who know very little about the field of design. Unfortunately, that leads to some pretty horrible situations. We thought it would be fun to put together a list of seven big nightmares that face graphic designers in their craft. And perhaps, through the humor and absurdity, we can find healing. Or maybe we’ll just laugh. Whatever works for you.


Churches are notorious for giving graphic designers huge blocks of text and tiny cards to print them on. It ends up leaving you 20 total pixels of white space and 10 pixels of design area.

10 Fonts You Should Never Use (And 10 You Should)

10 Fonts You Should Never Use
(And 10 You Should)

Fonts aren’t all unlike fashion. The styles change. Fonts become popular than unpopular. And as soon as everyone starts using a certain font, it goes out of style.

So the fonts on this list aren’t necessarily bad fonts. But because of their overuse or misuse, you should probably stop using them.

But we don’t want to mean and offer no hope. So we’ve also put together a list of ten fonts you should start using. (So those can go out of fashion and we can make a whole new list!)

Enjoy the list!


It’s a great font, it’s just been overused on the web. You don’t need to use this for print.

5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Church’s Name

5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Church’s Name

Now I realize, the very name of this post is enough to make people pretty upset. Be assured, this isn’t meant to offend. This is merely meant as a humorous look at why some churches should probably change their name. If you happen to find yourself in one of these situations, don’t worry. I’ve been there too.

When I worked at a church, we changed our name for a few of these reasons. I’ll let you know which ones. Enjoy!

1. You find out your church name is a euphemism for something sexual or drug related.

Ram in the Bush Christian Center International has gotten some flack for their name that sounds—to some people—sexual. Now I know you have no idea what it could possibly mean, but some people giggle at the name.