5 Great Things to Do With Leftover Postcard Mailers

5 Great Things to Do w/ Leftover Postcard Mailers

If you’re like most churches, you print more postcard mailers/invite cards than you’re actually able to use to promote your series’. So many churches have boxes and boxes of unused postcards sitting around their offices.

Sure, you can be environmentally responsible and recycle them. But what about having some fun with them by doing one of these great options. Enjoy!

What if Christmas Series’ Were Titled Like Blog Posts?

If Christmas Series’ Were Titled Like Blog Posts

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If you’ve been around the blogosphere any amount of time, you’ve noticed the ridiculous amount of hyperbole in blog post titles. Bloggers know that the right title can become link bait to get people to click through and read their blogs.

We thought it would be fun to make some Christmas series titles using the same rules as blog post titles. The result was rather fun. Enjoy!


Everyone loves a good list. And bloggers don’t mind getting ridiculously specific with their lists. Why shouldn’t a Christmas sermon series do the same?

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas

By now you’re planning Christmas at your church. How about a few interesting tid bits of trivia to get you further into the Christmas spirit? Use these trivia bits to change your perspective on Christmas or to use as trivia on your screens before service.

1. Puritans made it illegal to celebrate Christmas in 1659 because they thought the holiday was too pagan.

7 More Ways to Ruin Your Design

7 More Ways to Ruin Your Design

A couple weeks ago we posted seven ways for you to ruin your design. That wasn’t an exhaustive list by any means. Us Christians are masterful at ruining good design.

So we put together seven more ways to ruin your graphic design. This list isn’t meant to offend or criticize, rather to educate and entertain. Enjoy the list and chime in with your own ways we ruin designs with a comment below.

7 Ways to Ruin Your Design

7 Ways to Ruin Your Design

So you have a great idea for your sermon series. Now it’s time to design it. You sit down, create a great base image.

Your next steps will either perfect or ruin the design. Here are seven ways you can ruin even a great design. Don’t make these mistakes.