Christmas Dynasty

Christmas Dynasty Sermon Series Idea

From West Ridge Church in Dallas, Georgia.

Description: If you have stories in your history that you hide away, thinking, “God can’t forgive me, God can’t use me,” then this series is for YOU! Through our series Christmas Dynasty, we will take a closer look at the “dynasty” of Jesus, the legacy that was brought to earth through the members of His ancestry. As we take a closer look at the genealogy of Jesus, we find characters and family members that we would never expect to see in association with the king of the universe, yet God uses them to bring forth His Son. God uses stories of grace to send His most precious gift, and God is still in the business of using messed up people in need of grace to accomplish His will. As we lead up to Christmas, we are going to see time and time again how God uses the messed up “dynasty” of Christ to accomplish amazing things, culminating in the birth of the Son of God.


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