Dealing With Depression


From Hometown Church in Bloomington, MN


Quick Quiz: What is the #1 Health problem in America today? COVID? Heart Disease? Cancer? If you guessed depression, you’ve been paying attention…or perhaps you’ve been affected. Across every demographic and regardless of economics or gender, the silent thief robbing Americans of quality of life is depression. From milder forms like S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder – seen in colder climates…like Minnesota!), to severe episodes, depression has reached epidemic proportions in our culture. Directly through personal experience, or indirectly through the struggles of a friend or loved one, each of us deals with depression. It is the common cold of emotional illness. Great Christians through the ages have fought this familiar enemy. We can find hope again because God empathizes with our pain and invites us to the way up when we are down. Join us at Hometown as we tackle this important subject with empathy, balance, and timeless wisdom.

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