Don’t Call Me a Christian

Don't Call Me a Christian

From Granger Community Church in Granger, Indiana.

Description: It’s a loaded word. For you, the term ‘Christian’ might bring up images of Bible-thumping, soap-box yelling zealots. Or maybe people who stand in protest with signs, known more for what they’re against than the things they are for. Maybe you picture someone who blindly clings to an old faith that just doesn’t seem to fit in our modern world. Someone who only has clichéd Sunday School answers to offer against the reality of pain, injustice and darkness that seems to touch every life.

We all know people who fit those stereotypes. In this series we’re going to deconstruct some common reasons people offer for why they aren’t interested in applying the label of ‘Christian’ to themselves. You can judge for yourself, and see if the person of Jesus matches up with the picture you’ve been painting in your mind.

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