First Peter


From Calvary Church in Englewood, CO


This series on 1 Peter goes over Peters letter encouraging the persecuted Gentile Christians that their hope resides in Jesus who has redeemed them. They are reminded that they are a chosen people who have a new family identity through Christ and that their suffering is a witness to Jesus and imitating his love will help bring others to him and deepen their faith. They are reminded that other people are not their true enemy, that there are dark spiritual forces at play and they’re cautioned to resist this evil. Peter concludes with a prayer for strength as they are in the midst of their suffering and to continue fighting darkness with the light of Jesus. This series helps us to see that though we may suffer unjustly, Christ too suffered the same and overcame victoriously. We have hope that one day Jesus will come back to set all things right and that through persecution we show others the love and generosity of Jesus.

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