First Samuel


From Bay Life Church in Brandon, FL


The book of 1st Samuel shows us how God opposes the proud and exalts the humble. It begins with Hannah’s story of grief and joy in finally bearing a son, Samuel. Samuel becomes a prophet and a military leader of Israel. Through his time as leader, we see the transition from Judges to Kings. While there were Judges, men were defining right by his own accord and the nation was left with a broken people, a broken system and chaos. The people of Israel wanted a King like other nations. We then see the rise of their first King, King Saul. As the character flaws of Saul are revealed, we see that ultimately, he goes against God’s commands and thus brings on his demise. David is introduced as a humble shepherd boy who shows great courage and strength in defeating Goliath and helping in military leadership and victories. From there we see David’s life story unfold in Second Samuel as King and the most remembered and unifying King of Israel. First Samuel acts as a warning through King Saul, of how our own darkness and pride can cause our demise and opposition to God. Character traits are highlighted so that we can relate to and examine our own character flaws so we can begin changing those to become more obedient to God and his will. This series goes into depth of all that happens during King Saul’s reign and the beginning of David’s rise to King.

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