He Said, She Said

He Said She Said

From Christ Fellowship in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Description: The age-old relational conflict has been entertaining us for years. From reality TV to sitcoms, what draws us back to our favorite shows every week is the chemistry of the characters. It doesn’t matter that there is conflict with friendships, families or marriages; it’s entertainment. But, is it really entertainment or our own reality? Just as long as others are living the dream or nightmare, we are fine to sit back and be entertained.

In real life, relational conflicts can be painful and challenging, yet that’s the only way to learn how to navigate through life. The Bible gives us the blueprint we need to build and maintain healthy relationships. You don’t want to miss this series, He Said, She Said with Pastors Todd and Julie Mullins, as together, they help us understand the tools needed to relate with others and move towards becoming that healthy parent, friend, sister, brother or spouse that we always wanted to be.

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