How to Create Great Images for Social Media


Want to grab people’s attention with your church’s social media streams? Images and photos are a great way to do that.

Think about it. Scroll through your Facebook feed and see what grabs your attention. It’s images and videos. So if you want to cut through the clutter on your followers’ feeds, you should use those.

But how do you make great images that grab attention and get your point across? So glad you asked. We’ve put together this short how-to on creating great images for social media. Read up and apply these ideas to your design. We guarantee it’ll make your social media streams more impacting.

1. Use people and faces.

People are tuned to other people. When we see a face, we immediately analyze it. It’s just our nature. So when you use a face or a picture of a person in your social media imagery, it grabs people’s attention. Again, scroll through Facebook and see which images grab your attention the most.

2. Use two fonts or text colors (but not many more).

Using two fonts or two text colors can help your content stand out more. Just pick complimentary fonts and colors—along with styles and tones that match the image you’re using them with.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

Don’t pack a ton of text onto your images. The point of a picture is to express a thousand words, not to clutter it up with 1,000 literal words.

4. Use low-contrast photos or overlay a color on them.

Make your text on your photos legible by using a low-contrast photo—predominately light or dark. Or if your photo is high-contrast, overlay a color on top so your text stands out. Here’s a cool tutorial on how to do that well.

There are a few tips for you. We created 10 free social media images you can use for your church on Sunday| Mag. Go download those then make your own.

We’d love to see what you’ve made. Post your social media feed below so we can all see.


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