Lamentations: Those Who Wait


From Grace Church in Waco, TX


The book of Lamentations is a series of poems that teaches us the Biblical art of suffering. Biblical lament asks the hard questions, sees the world and God rightly, and cries out to God in the night with the gospel of Jesus Christ in view. Lament Ask, Sees, and Cries, but ultimately it Hopes. Biblical lament becomes transformative for the Christian when it takes sorrow and transitions carefully and purposefully towards hope in the covenant love of God. When we lament our hearts wander from true worship, we cry out to God for salvation from sin and idolatry, and work against the injustice of sinful culture by trusting in God’s faithfulness in Christ. After the initial pain of sorrow passes, the effects often linger. How does lament teach us to wait and long for total restoration?

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