Of No Great Renown


From University Carillon UMC in Oviedo, FL.


Not long ago a work of Leonardo Da Vinci sold for over 400 million dollars. Crazy, right? What’s even crazier is that for hundreds of years it was seen as nothing more than a copy—as a piece of work done possibly by one of Da Vinci’s students who used the original as a guide for his own work. However, after careful study and the removal of multiple layers of dust, grime, and added paint that had accumulated over the years, the original that lay beneath all of the additions came to light and it became more and more evident that this was the original.

Christmas works in a similar way. Over the years, we’ve added a lot to the story. Much of it is fun and cute, but it makes me wonder, have we added so much to the story that what we have left feels more like a copy and less of the real thing?

This Christmas sermon series is called “Of No Great Renown” and our ambition is to cut through some of the added layers that make Christmas more fanciful, but in the process actually make it less meaningful.

Designer: Eli Enot


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