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The Prodigal

From Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ Description:  The love of the Father is beyond all reason, reaching for redemption, and ready for reconciliation. And that’s good news when you remember we’ve all gone astray, and we’re all finding our way back home.

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Ephesians: Uncommon Deference

From Hometown Church in New Hope, MN Description:  “We do not love like God loves until we are willing to let go of our rights. In a culture where everyone is passionately protecting their rights, this kind of loving deference is uncommon.”

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Bloodlines: The Genealogy Of Jesus

From Ministry Pass Description:  This six-part sermon series looks at Jesus’s genealogy in Matthew 1, helping the audience understand why this list of “begats” is important. By focusing on the ways Matthew deviates from the pattern in Matthew 1:1–17, we will explore how the genealogy

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The Truth Will Set You Free

From Worship Center in Lancaster, PA Description:  In our culture, there’s a war on truth. There is only one way to identify lies and know what’s actually true. So what is truth? Truth comes from God’s word alone. Real freedom comes from seeking to know,

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Genesis: Find Your Way Home

From Crossroads Church in Columbus, OH Description:  We’re all on a journey in life. Some people know where they’re going and some people don’t. The difference? It’s knowing your origin story and finding your way home. You have to know where you came from if

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Prayer: Communion with The Triune God

From Life Connection Church in Kansas City, MO Description:  This series on prayer focuses on the idea of walking with God and what it looks like to use prayer to commune with God. Like a community, we want to be together and living life with

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Generation To Generation: Father’s Day

From Ministry Pass Description:  This two-week sermon set consists of one message for Mother’s Day and one for Father’s Day. Both messages are built around the promise of God in Psalm 119:90, that his faithfulness will endure from generation to generation.

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Way Of The Wise: 31 Days To Wisdom

From Eagle Brook Church in Centerville, MN Description:  There’s a difference between being smart and being wise. You could have a GPA that tops the charts or build rocket ships for a living, but you can still make unwise choices that negatively impact your life.

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Abide: A Study of John 14-16

From West Ridge Church in Dallas, GA Description:  This sermon series is a study of John 14-16 where Jesus unpacks his last teachings and instructions to his disciples before being arrested, put on trial and then sent to die on the cross on our behalf.

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Naturally Supernatural

From Vineyard Columbus Church in Westerville, OH Description:  Naturally Supernatural is a series out of the book of Luke. The Vineyard movement is founded in the truth that God’s supernatural presence is with us in our natural, every-day world. Whether we’re at the grocery store,

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Meals With Jesus

From Foothill Church in Glendora, CA Description:  Getting the series name from Tim Chester’s book, A Meal With Jesus, this series focuses on meals Jesus shared with others. Through these stories we’re given a wonderful example of extending grace and hospitality to others, community, a

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You Are Here

From Ministry Pass Description:  This three-part series is about rightly orienting ourselves in the Word, in worship, and in the world. Just as we start any journey by finding our location on a GPS or map, we need to make sure we start from the

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Something To Believe In

From Polaris Church in Columbus, OH Description:  The reason most people don’t believe this book is not because it contradicts itself, but because it contradicts them. It’s not that they can’t believe it; it’s that they won’t. This book tells the truth…the truth about life

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From Paper To Person

From Christ’s Church Of The Valley in Peoria, AZ Description:  The scriptures come alive through the life of Jesus. He lived among us, walked with us, and guides us still today. His story is more than old news, and His impact far beyond just ink

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Gathered: The Power Of Proximity

From Vineyard Columbus Church in Westerfield, OH Description:  It’s easy to forget why we need to gather together as God’s people. Hebrews 10:25 reminds us to “not give up the habit of gathering together, as some are doing”… In this series, Gathered, from the book

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How To Endure: The Book Of 2 Timothy

From Wake Church in Conroe, TX Description:  Pastor Josh kicked off a brand new series called “Endure” through the book of 2 Timothy. Learn how you can endure through the difficult seasons of life. The words of Paul to young Timothy to “fan into flame”

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Rise And Tell: Mother’s Day

From Ministry Pass Description:  This two-week message set helps us understand the important role that mothers and fathers have in teaching their children the gospel. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are times we can celebrate parents and challenge them to be disciple makers in their

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One At A Time

From Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY Description:  Time and again, Jesus went out of His way for one. He told his disciples that you will be known as my followers by your love for one another. This series helps us see Jesus’ one at

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Wind & Fire: Encountering The Holy Spirit

From Liquid Church in Mountainside, NJ Description:  The Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood member of the Trinity– which explains the power outage in the lives of many Christians! If you’re hungry for a fresh touch of God’s Spirit… Join us for Wind & Fire!

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Is It Real?

From Granger Community Church in Granger, IN Description:  Is it all just a good story? What happened in the upper room that day? What about Jesus, betrayed by one who said he’d never do such a thing? A brutal death upon a cross, a grieving

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Our Suffering Savior

From The Hill Church in Roanoke, VA Description:  Our greatest problem has never been our circumstances. Our greatest problem is not our geography. Our greatest problem is not our enemies. Our greatest problem is dealt with by our suffering savior.

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Simply Easter

From Center Church in Charlottesville, VA Description:  This Simply Easter sermon reminds us of the Power of the Resurrection over our lives encouraging us to feel what we believe already, that there is freedom from sin and bondage and forgiveness through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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Easter Sunday: Life Everlasting

From Ministry Pass Description:  This Easter Sunday sermon tells the Easter story from the Gospel of John. John 20 works through the story of several different people as they encounter the resurrected Jesus. The whole chapter is designed to persuade people to believe in Jesus

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From Eagle Brook Church in Centerville, MN Description:  When you look at the life of Jesus, you’ll see that he was for people—for the lost, the poor, the captive, the sick. He cared for people that others pushed to the side and stood against. What

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The Doubters Club

From National Community Church in Washington, DC Description:  “The Doubters Club has many members, from Job to Sarah, to Thomas, one of Christ’s own disciples. Doubt is both a common and shared experience for many of us in the Beloved community. Although doubt can be

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Remember: Servant. Savior. King.

From Worship Center Church in Lancaster, PA Description:  Sacrifice means giving something up for a higher purpose. A woman worshiped Jesus with a sacrifice that was costly. But she worshiped him with everything she had, and he had a special promise for her. What does

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From NorthWest Baptist Church in Bellingham, WA Description:  Pastor Ryan explores key elements of Jesus entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday from Mark 11:15-19 & 11:27-33. Why did Jesus clear the temple? Why were the religious leaders so upset and questioning Jesus? What is the

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He Is Risen Indeed

From Ministry Pass Description:  The good news of the resurrection was first experienced by a diverse group of eyewitnesses. These men and women saw that Jesus had risen, and then they quickly shared that news with others. This five-week series will look at five eyewitness

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First Corinthians: Cutting Through The Noise

From The Summit Church in Durham, NC Description:  Life can feel overwhelming. Confusing. Chaotic. Loud. Everywhere you turn, someone wants something from you. Some agenda. Some advice. Some scheme. It’s too much. What if there was a way out of all this noise and distraction?

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One Another-ing

From Foothill Church in Glendora, CA Description:  As we live our daily lives we can become so focused on our own needs and wants that we can easily forget about others. Majority of the Ten Commandments are about how we interact with one another. This

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From Arise Church in Petone, NZ Description:  This 4 week series is about discovering who you are and being who God has called you to be for His Glory and for the life he has for you. When the world causes confusion with it’s labels

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Normal Isn’t Working

From Eagle Brook Church in Centerville, Minnesota Description:  The thing about “normal” is it looks different for everyone. Maybe for you, it’s normal to be insanely busy. Maybe it’s normal to be fighting with your family constantly. Or, maybe it’s normal to be anxious and

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Thirty Pieces of Silver

From Ministry Pass Description:  This four-week adult series is well suited for preaching leading up to Easter. We’d all like to think we’re nothing like Judas the betrayer, who traded Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. An honest look at our hearts reveals, however, that

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The Messy Middle

From Granger Community Church in Granger, IN Description:  If you’ve been on social media or watched the news for more than five minutes in the last few years, you’ve probably realized things are very messy in our world. As people trying to follow Jesus, how

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The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry

From Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ Description:  The way of the world is heavy and burdensome, full of chaos and constant demand. We wear our busyness like a twisted badge of honor. In Jesus we discover a spiritual life beyond exhaustion. His

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Begin Again

From The Summit Church in Durham, NC Description:  Our last couple of years have been tragic and unpredictable. We don’t know what the future holds. But we do know that God is still at work, both in the church and in the world. Now is

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Another Gospel

From Compassion Christian Church in Savannah, GA Description:  Since God-breathed scripture was born there have always been people who have tried to deceive the church with their own beliefs and reasoning over God’s Word. They do this by creating a new or counterfeit gospel that

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To The Streets: The Gospel On The Move

From Ministry Pass Description:  When Jesus rose from the dead, he gathered the disciples and gave them a mission to go into the world and be his witnesses. This one-week message shows the disciples taking the message of Jesus’s resurrection into their community, in Acts

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100 Percent

From Sagebrush Community Church in Albuquerque, NM Description:  “What does it look like to give God 100%?” This is the question we are asking and answering in this new sermon series. Most of us always want to give our best, but we may wonder what

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Prayer: The Role and Challenge of Talking to God

From The Summit Church in Durham, NC Description:  Jesus said we should pray like children. Children don’t think about how they approach, whether they are using the right words, or whether their parents are pleased with them. They just ask. Astoundingly, that’s the beginning of

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Life-Change In Jesus

From Browncroft Community Church in Rochester, NY Description:  In one of the most well-known passages in the New Testament Jesus discusses the Gospel with one of the great minds of His day. In this conversation Jesus not only confronts the views of established religion but the larger world trapped in

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Here Are Your Idols: Reordering Priorities

From Ministry Pass Description:  Idols and idolatry are a big part of the story of Israel. But idolatry is not limited to Bible times. Without realizing it, we can still fall into the trap of serving and worshipping an idol. This four-week series looks at some examples of the types

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Endgame: Eagerly Anticipating A Fantastic End

From Hometown Church in Bloomington, MN Description:  Are you eagerly expecting a summer vacation? Are you looking forward to the end of work and laying on a beach or fishing? Even the hope of meager vacation can add joy to a grinding day. But we have a much better hope.

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Devil At Your Doorstep

From Ssagebrush Church in Albuquerque, NM Description:  This series helps us understand our enemy, the devil who we know as the evil one. The bible tells us in 1 Peter 5:8 that the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Understanding your enemy is important. This

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All In: Building On 100 Years Of Life Change In Jesus

From Browncroft Community Church in Rochester, NY Description:  All In: Building on 100 Years of Life-Change in Jesus – The big idea of this series is to challenge every person in our congregation to a greater commitment to their faith through a greater engagement with the mission of the church.

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You Are Called

From The Heights Church in Richardson, TX Description:  All of us have a calling whether we are aware of it or not. We are called where we work, whether staying at home raising kids, or out of the home. We are called where we are in our community, neighborhood, or

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The Grace Between Us

From Heartland Church in Paducah, KY Description:  Marking out space, and putting Grace in, The Grace Between Us, this message helps us realize that sin puts distance between us and God and us and other people. By looking at Ephesians 5 where it discusses being filled with the spirit we

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The Fruit Of The Spirit: Living Lives Pleasing To God

From Ministry Pass Description:  This four-week series uses the fruit of the Spirit as a test for spiritual maturity and potential growth. When looked at as a cohesive list, the fruit of the Spirit describe Jesus himself. And as one star forms an even more majestic picture with other stars

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Saved By The Bell

From VerveChurch in Las Vegas, NV Description:  This message is based off of a historical event where people were buried with a rope that was attached to a bell outside, and if rang, would tell everyone around that you were still alive. This is where the term, “Saved by the

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The Power Of Routine

From Memorial Baptist Church in Pasadena, TX Description:  This 5-week series, called The Power of Routine spotlights 4 spiritual disciplines that are beneficial to our lives as Christ followers. Among these routines are reading scripture, seeking connection with God through prayer, being committed to God’s mission through serving, and giving

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God Of The Underdogs

From Wellspring Community Church in Ruskin, FL Description:  Based on the book, God of the Underdogs by Matt Keller, this series encourages us with well known bible stories that help us understand the bible better. We’ll see that people of the bible were not superhero’s, but underdogs with God on

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Chasing Wind

From Christ Fellowship Church in Miami, FL Description:  True wisdom can result in a God-centered life, rich in fulfillment, blessings and forgiveness. But what happens when we reject this gift? Join us this weekend as we learn more about true wisdom.

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Baggage

From Eagle Brook Church in Centerville, MN Description:  Dating is complicated. It feels like a game where everyone seems to know the rules except you. Truth is, there are no rules—but there are things you can do to prepare for + improve your dating relationships. Because, if taken seriously, dating

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Clean Break: Breaking From Bad Theology

From Ministry Pass Description:  This four-week series looks at some misunderstandings of theology and challenges us to break the bad thinking before it breaks us. We will discuss commonly used phrases or assumptions that are not only unbiblical but that turn people away from a welcoming relationship with Christ.

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Enjoying Life Together

From Worship Center Church in Lancaster, PA Description:  What did God intend marriage to look like, and how do I experience true joy in every season with my spouse? Every married couple wants to know what they can do to experience high levels of satisfaction in their marriage. Every season

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The Book Of Philemon

From The Summit Church in Durham, NC Description:  This message looks at Pauls letter to Philemon. It helps us better understand how to hold one another accountable with love and gentleness while pressing the importance of reconciliation and contentment.

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Messy: Loving Others Isn’t Easy

From Memorial Baptist Church in Pasadena, TX Description:  Life is messy. For some of us, that scares us to no end. We don’t know what to say, what to do, how to engage or how to help. Many step into community tentatively, secretly hoping it will not be messy. We

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Wake Up

From WaterStone Church in Longwood, FL Description:  How do we live in a world that’s falling apart? How do we know when the end is near? In this message, Wake Up, we look at Biblical Prophecy through the book of Daniel and Revelation. As we gain understanding on how to

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Women Of The Bible

From Ministry Pass Description:  This four-week series focuses on four women: Rahab, Ruth, Esther, and Lydia. In each of their lives, we see how these women responded when challenged to choose where their loyalties would lie. Through their stories, we learn about God’s character: in particular, how he provides for,

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