Reaction GIFs for Your Church Service


It’s a sad thing, but those in the tech booth don’t get much say in the service. Sure, the sound guy can use the talkback mic. Heck, even the lighting designer can flash the lights when they’re upset. But what about the slide operator? They get nothing.

That’s why I’m proposing a new addition to your ProPresenter library: Reaction GIFs. When something happens during practice or even in the service (should you be so brave), you can flash these puppies on the screen and get your voice heard.

(Relax, folks. This is sarcastic.)

So to help you get your library started, here’s a few I wish I could use when running ProPresenter in my church.

1. For when the band nails your favorite song.


2. When the band destroys your favorite song.


3. When your pastor says that joke he really shouldn’t have…


4. When your pastor asks if people mind that his message goes a little longer.

thumbs down

5. When your pastor makes a great point.

thumbs up

6. When people should be clapping but aren’t.


So there you go! That should get you started. Go forth and make your voice heard, slide projectionist! (Don’t really. Seriously. Don’t. Stop. Don’t right-click Save As… Nooooooooo! Don’t you use these. Don’t even think about it.)


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