Rethink Sermon Series Idea

From Catalyst Church in Middletown, Connecticut.

Description: Change your thinking. Change your life.

Everyone wants change, but few understand how it happens. We believe that change comes by thinking about it. That’s only half true. Change comes through ReThinking.
– A healthy life is built on ReThinking.
– A healthy marriage is built by ReThinking.
– A healthy future is built by ReThinking.
– A healthy career is built by ReThinking.
– Thinking isn’t enough. You have to ReThink.
Join us for this great new series at Catalyst, as we dig through the book of Ephesians and learn:
– The keys to spiritual growth and maturity.
– How to have an effective prayer life.
– How to have a Gospel centered marriage
– How to teach your children to love God
– The realities of the spiritual world
– And much more!

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