Rhythms And Feasts


From Refuge Church in Saint Charles, MO


When God designed the world, he brought order out of chaos. He made dominions of light and dark, skies and seas and land. He put things in order to guide and govern the way the world operated. He established a kingdom that he would rule over, commissioned Adam and Eve as good overseers, gave them instructions, and then rested on his throne to begin his reign. In all of these things, God gave an “ought-ness” to the world…a rhythm. These are the bases not only of laws and rules, but of seasons and celebrations. In Leviticus 23, God gave his people an annual rhythm of feasts, “holy convocations,” to rest and remember, cease and celebrate, feast and focus. This Summer at Refuge, we are going to walk through these Rhythms and Feasts in Leviticus 23. We believe that the substance belongs to Christ, but the rhythms of remembrance and celebration are gifts from God to practice with joy and hope.

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