Salty: Sticking Out For The Right Reasons


From Clear Creek Community Church in League City, TX


It’s difficult to see someone you love being misrepresented. When the famous soccer player Christiano Ronaldo’s bronze statue from the neck up was originally placed in the airport that was being renamed after him, it was a laughing stock for not representing him correctly and looking more like a caricature. Although funny to many, it was heartbreaking for those who loved him because it was not representing him truthfully. We can see the same today with Christianity and Christ. It seems for every 1 person correctly and wholeheartedly trying to be like and show Jesus to unbelievers, there are 5 who unknowingly or intentionally say they’re on the same side, but show a misrepresentation of what it means to be a Jesus Follower. How can we as followers of Jesus, live in such a way that we’re not the caricature but are able to show true likeness of Christ? This series is all about how to stick out for the right reasons, for the glory of our God and our Savior Jesus and be the salt of the earth as we are called to be.

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