Something To Believe In


From Polaris Church in Columbus, OH


The reason most people don’t believe this book is not because it contradicts itself, but because it contradicts them. It’s not that they can’t believe it; it’s that they won’t. This book tells the truth…the truth about life and death, heaven and hell, right and wrong, Savior and sinners. Thousands of characters, hundreds of stories, but one unmistakably clear message: The redemption of fallen humanity, through Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. It’s not diplomatic. It’s not discreet. It’s not irrelevant. It’s not incorrect. It’s not trivial. It’s not tolerant. It is holy and righteous. It is good and true. It is powerful and pure. It’s sweeter than honey and finer than gold. It’s a lamp that gives you light amidst blinding darkness. It’s a mirror that tells you who you really are. It’s a hammer that breaks your hard heart to pieces. And it’s the glue that puts it back together, better than before. The rock-solid Bible… Stand firm on its foundation. Walk in its paths. Read the stories. Study the teachings. Share the blessings. Believe the prophecies. Quote the promises. Apply the wisdom. Make it your holy addiction. Make it your sacred obsession. Make it your sanctified passion. The Word of God is living and active…here and now. And if you’re spiritually dead, it can bring you to life.

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