The Gospel

The Gospel sermon series bundle

From Ministry Pass.

This sermon series bundle from Ministry Pass features a creative and engaging media package as seen above. But even more than that, the resources that come along with the media are phenomenal. This bundle includes a series guide that features teaching points, illustration ideas, and preliminary research so you can approach sermon preparation with a team behind you. On top of that, it has small group questions, Photoshop layers, and more.


“The Gospel” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in Christian circles, but what does it actually mean? Even more, how does it apply to us today? This three-week series theologically and practically defines the gospel so that listeners, whether life-long followers of Christ or new believers, not only know the depth of the Christian message but are inspired and encouraged to share it. The series will examine the beauty of forgiveness, the ministry of reconciliation, and the extravagant kingdom generosity found in Jesus. This series is for everyone because we all need to hear and be reminded of the gospel daily.

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