The Original Christmas Playlist


From Lake Forest Church in Huntersville NC.

Description: One of things we love most about Christmas is the music.  Whether it’s standing in line at Target or listening to the radio on the way home from work, the music we hear reminds us that there is something unique about this time of year.

When the Bible tells the Christmas story, it tells it through song.  From Jesus conception in the womb to his dedication at the temple, every scene is filled with music and with wonder.   And each song helps us discover something different, something important about the coming of this Child.

In this series, the original Christmas Playlist, we will take a closer look at some of the sacred songs. What do they have to teach us about the very first Christmas, and it’s place the bigger story of the Bible?

1. Mary’s Song. Anticipation (or ‘Anticipatory Faith’) Luke 1:46-55
What was Mary looking for at Christmas? Whole song is in past tense. Through the promise the angel makes to Mary, she trusts IT HAS HAPPENED. Application: waiting is a part of life. How do we respond when God asks us to wait? Difference between Hoping and Wishing.

2. Zechariah’s Song. Fulfillment. Luke 1:68-79
Big ideas: God keeps his promises. God was faithful in the past and he will be faithful in the future. The coming of Jesus is God making good on promises that go all the way back to the garden. The second half of this song is all about John the Baptist. Halfway through switches from past tense to future tense.
Application: God keeps his promises. What promises of God can we count on today in our lives. What has God promised to fulfill in you through Jesus?

3. Angel’s Song. Joy/peace on earth. Luke 2:13, 14
How is Jesus an agent of Peace in our world? Does a relationship with Jesus bring peace to our relationships? And what are we to do with the fact that there seems to be more violence “on earth” today than ever before? In what way does Jesus’ birth bring ‘peace on earth?’

4.Simeon’s Song. Waiting and God’s Faithfulness Luke 2:28-35
The real question is not What are you waiting for?
The real question is Who are you becoming while you wait?
How do I know when I should WAIT and when I should take ACTION?
Waiting is not about passive non-action. It’s about obedience.
In situations (like Abrahams), ask yourself, ‘What would a person of good character, deep faith, and great wisdom do?’ And then, take your best shot.
Anna and Simeon modeled active waiting by continuing to show up to the temple, and by listening to the Holy Spirit.
What actually changed for Simeon?
He held Jesus in his arms and God became personal.

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