Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done Sermon Series Idea

From The Rock Church in Point Loma, California.

Description: Have you ever said a word so many times that it starts to sound like a foreign language, or at the very least, loses all its meaning?

It’s one of the problems with the church being so ingrained in our culture. So many of the richest, most neck jarring, most life altering words in all of Scripture have found their way into our vernacular and there, they sit like ducks in a row.

But when Jesus taught us to pray, He said, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.” Have you really considered what that means? Jesus has called down His Father’s Heavenly kingdom, with all power and miracles therein, to leave the bounds of heaven and relocate in our lives, hearts and neighborhoods. And here’s the reason:  to crash into our world like a truck backs through a store window.

This sermon series idea is about what it really means to have the kingdom of God here on earth and how to release the power of God in your life.

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