From The Church of Acts in Oklahoma City.

Description: This series talks about how a church is a community of people that dont just worship together. Its people that do life together, just like a tribe.

Designer: Bryon Akerman


  1. I absolutely love it from a design standpoint!

    But I would not use it at my church because I don’t think its wise. Especially in OK which has a large native american population, it could be seen as offensive by some. Its not the worth the risk of a cool design to possibly offend a race of people and prevent them from attending and hearing the Gospel.

    • I thought about that, but I am Native American myself and I really love my heritage. I’m able to really highlight some of community and family aspects of that heritage in a way that ties in to the Gospel. I thought about going with more of an African tribal feel, but I really felt like this “look” would land better here in Oklahoma. Thanks for feedback!

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