Twisted Truths


From Paradox Church in Warren, MI.

Description: You know that verse in the Bible that tells us that, “God helps those who help themselves”, or the one that says, “money is the root of all evil”? Do you know what book those are in? How about the chapter or verse where they can be found? If you’re drawing a blank it’s because neither of those sayings are actually in the bible. We have a bad habit of quoting things as from the bible that aren’t really in the bible. As dangerous as that is, even more dangerous is our tendency to take things that are in the bible and completely twist their meaning. A complete lie is easy to refute, but a twisted truth is far more difficult. This series will debunk a few of the most twisted verses that get thrown around, and we will try to get to the true heart of what God was trying to say to us.

Designer: Jonathan Carone

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