Until I Breathe My Last: The Final Words Of The Apostle Peter


From Northwest Gospel Church in Vancouver, WA


As Peter begins his final written words and letter to the churches, he makes sure there is no mistake in who is sending this letter. From the opening, Peter clarifies that he is the Peter who saw Jesus, walked with Jesus, even denied Jesus, but was forgiven and brought back by Jesus. This is the Peter who witnessed Jesus transfigured in front of his eyes, saw him lifted up on the cross, raised from the dead, and lifted up into heaven. Peter was there when Jesus sent the Spirit and was sent out to preach the gospel to all who would hear. Throughout his letter, Peter is going to confront doubters who are saying that Jesus is delaying, he won’t come back, and who scoff at his teaching. Peter is an eyewitness of the ministry of Jesus and tells those reading this letter to not be fooled! Jesus will return and he will have something to say to the righteous and the wicked. Peter speaks to those who in impatience are leaving the way of Jesus and his teachings. With his final words, Peter implores the believers to hold tight to Jesus! In this short intro, Peter identifies Jesus as God, the one who has the final say. He calls Jesus Lord and savior, the one who frees us from sin and to whom our whole lives are to be lived for.

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