Well, What About…Hard Questions For Christianity


From Refuge Church in Saint Charles, MO


It seems we live in a world of dichotomies: some people seem to be afraid to ask questions, while others seem to be afraid to give answers. There are so many opinions, so many “what about’s,” so much information that can render us almost paralyzed. What should we think? What should we believe? What should we do? In our context, many of those questions and doubts and critiques are directed at Christians and/or Christianity. Some seem pretty fair, some seem pretty far fetched. We’re going to take the month of August and, with the help of some guest preachers, explore some of the hard questions about Christianity. How do we ask good questions? What about God and suffering? How can people claim an “exclusive” belief? Doesn’t religion lead to violence? Is Christianity homophobic? We are excited to welcome some wonderful, Christian thinkers in these areas to help us navigate Scripture and culture and belief and sort through some hard questions for Christianity.

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