When Pigs Fly

when pigs fly church sermon series ideas

From Keystone Church in Keller, Texas.

Description: Sure, I’ll be able to kick this addiction?”WHEN PIGS FLY!” Yeah, my marriage can be saved?”WHEN PIGS FLY!” My cancer being healed?”WHEN PIGS FLY!” I’ve been looking for a job for 2 years, I’m sure I’ll get a call this week?”WHEN PIGS FLY!”

“WHEN PIGS FLY!” is something we say when we think something is highly unlikely to ever happen and it reveals that we are actually starting to believe that it will never happen. But the truth is that our God specializes in doing the impossible with our impossible situations. Luke 1:37 says “For nothing is impossible with God.” He is in the miracle working business.

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