Why Grammar Matters in Church Design


Grammar matters. Perhaps more than you might think. Good grammar means the different between “let’s eat grandma” and “let’s eat, grandma”.

It also matters for your church. If you want to communicate clearly, be sure your graphic designs make good use of the English language. Check out these potential errors you could be making in your graphic design.

Bad Spelling


Being stuck in the “dessert” isn’t quite so bad. I wouldn’t mind getting buried under a pile of brownies.

Bad Use of Punctuation


Unless you want people to start eating chunks off your church building, you might want to add more separation or some punctuation to this card.

Unnecessary Quotation Marks


Badly used quotation marks make things seem more ominous than you might intend…

Lesson? Run your designs by a grammar and spelling nazi. They just might save your church’s communication.

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