9 Questions to Help You in Sermon Series Planning


Sermon Series Planning

If you’re involved in sermon series planning, this post is for you. We’ve developed nine questions to help you in the process.

Answering these sermon series planning questions will help you make a cohesive and effective sermon series—from the visuals to the actual sermons in the series.

9 Questions to Help You in Sermon Series Planning

  1. What is our main purpose for doing this sermon series?
    Why does this need to be a multiple-week series versus a single message?
  2. What is our “end game” for this series? (Knowledge? Action? Other?)
    What do you want changed in your congregation once this series is over?
  3. What are four visual themes / sermon title options we’re thinking of? (Pick one)
    Think in terms of Disney—sight, smell, sound…all the senses.
  4. What are the feelings and ideas that go along with this theme?
    What are some descriptive adjectives that describe the feel you’re looking for?
  5. How many weeks / installments will be have in this sermon series?
    Most sermon series’ correspond with a month…how many weeks are in the month?
  6. What are the weekly topic / illustration breakdowns for each installment?
    They don’t all have to be perfectly tied in with the series, but it wouldn’t hurt.
  7. What are four series logo ideas?
    Try a variety of different options so you have some to choose from. This will also give your pastor some options.
  8. Are these logo ideas… Identifiable? Distinct? Emotional? Focused?
    Do they make you feel something? Is it memorable? Is it unique?
  9. What marketing / promotional elements will we use for this sermon series?
    There are tons of options. Choose which ones you think you’ll use. This will help you know what elements you need to create visually and physically.

Start by answering these nine question. These questions are meant to lead you through a thought process that will help you both visually and with content. By developing these two things together, you can come up with more memorable illustrations and more impacting visuals.

If you want to delve even deeper into these question, I recommend you pick up Developing a Series—an $2.99 e-book on Amazon and iTunes. The book goes through all of these questions and other topics about sermon series planning.


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